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The Brella Bag hands free umbrella holder.  A great solution for individuals unable to hold an umbrella because of the hindrance of a walker/wheelchair.



The Cleaning Goddesses goal is to restore & maintain a like new appearanceto your home or business using a non-toxic, eco-friendly, & healthy approach

J'Spaa invites you to experience an exclusive new level of sophistication, charm, and relaxation in Ann Arbor, MI. Your mind, body, and spirit will be pampered, nurtured, and rejuvenated in a tranquil atmosphere


Puffer Reds
 has been a leading urban fashion outlet for trend-setters providing a wide selection of the hottest brand-name fashions, exclusive shoes, hard-to-find media and must-have accessories


Poppy the doggy is an English Bull Terrier who lives up to the breed’s reputation of having a sometimes “Clownish” temperament. Come on over and check out her first children's book about friendship, Happy Birthday Poppy



Welcome to ENABLED TRAVELER, the world’s one and only travel organization dedicated to improving the lives of the physically and mentally disabled. Enabled Traveler serves the disabled community in 3 unique ways – a Travel Show, Custom Travel Booking Services, and Advocates for the Disabled Traveler.

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